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3. Dr Gurjit Nahal


Having worked as a Physiotherapist for over 10 years, I found that I wanted to provide a more comprehensive experience for my patients. At which point I studied Chiropractic, and was amazed with the speed of results, particularly when combining the two therapies.

I have amassed significant experience across the NHS, Occupational Health at BMW and MINI, the private sector and sports teams. I have now decided to combine this experience with my passion for improving well being and health, and I am excited about having my own practice in the Jewellery Quarter.

I am passionate about helping people. Here I am able to provide a complete and well-rounded service that is second to none. I am keen to help people from all walks of life, be it athletes/sports professionals to more sedentary lifestyles.

3. Dr Gurjit Nahal
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