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The Facilities

We have 2 spacious clinics in the Jewellery quarter (Birmingham), both clinics have the same set up with equipment and we follow robust cleaning and sanitising procedures before and after each treatment so you can be treated in a clean and fresh smelling environment. We provide fresh linens for your treatment should it be required and have sanitising products and fresh water for patients to use freely. Don't have cash? Not to worry both clinics accept all major debit and credit cards. Parking is available directly outside of the building, chargeable by the hour before 6pm, there are some free bays, but these are on a first come first served basis.

Clinic 1

In 2020 we moved premises and set up in the Jewellery Quarter. Clinic 1 (suite 222) was the first of our rooms to start seeing patients. It is a light, spacious and airy room which looks out onto the courtyard. Clients can be treated in a comfortable, clean and fresh smelling clinic, which has a curtain allowing the therapist to type up your notes and blinds which are drawn whilst you get ready for your treatment in complete privacy.

IMG_1205 2.HEIC

Clinic 2

in 2022 we started to expand our services and Clinic 2 (suite 229) which is located directly opposite clinic 1 was set up as a female only clinic led by a female therapist. This is a large and airy room, which is again clean and fresh smelling. A privacy screen and blinds allow the patient to comfortably get ready for their treatments.

The Jewellery Quarter Birmingham

We are based in the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham. The address is - The Jewellery Business Centre, 95 Spencer Street, Birmingham, B18 6DA. When you get on Spencer Street, you are looking for the building with the big iron/steel gates and glass door behind it, come into the reception area and ask for TherapyFit. The Staff at the centre will inform us of your arrival. During the out of hours period after 17:00 weekdays and all day weekends, call us on 07897 032030 and let us know of your arrival. The team will come out and get you.

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