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1. Bal Sidhu

ITEC Lvl 5 Therapist/Exercise Professional/Tutor

Bal Sidhu spent over 2 decades within senior management working for the NHS.

At the age of 40 and after a routine GP health check he realised that due to working long hours and not prioritising his health this had started to deteriorate. Bal weighed 115KG, was not eating properly, skipped meals, had started to develop aches and pains due to being overweight, being sat down all day and from poor posture.

In 2017 he decided enough was enough, being overweight and having developed a shoulder problem he started to focus on his health and rehabilitate his body so it was pain free. After trying a number of therapies and not getting the desired results he began to rehabilitate his shoulder himself and embarked on a fitness quest. He lost an amazing 30kg, and now lives a life free from pain and injury. He quit his job and trained to become a personal trainer and sports massage therapist so he could help others achieve the same and more.

1. Bal Sidhu
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